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Big Lakes is a Major supplier of workforce and equipment to the Peace River Oil Sands, mainly through the Seal Lake Connector Road, which also provides faster transport to and from centres in Alberta. The County also has tremendous opportunity in alternative energy asuch as bioenergy and coal gasification.

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Big Lakes County has a lot of forestry activity and expertise. There is room for more and for innovation mainly due to the abundance of resources.

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Big Lakes is perfect for those who want untouched wilderness, unlike commercialized centres like Jaspper and Banff. Big Lakes offers a range of all seasons outdoor activities for outdoor enthusiasts, whether they like to hike, bike, camp, watch wildlife, fish and hunt, boat, swim, or cross-country ski and snow mobile.

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Big Lakes has opportunity in the agriculture sector, mainly due to the inexpensive rates for land, the high quality of land in some areas, and good conditions for agriculture start-ups.

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Information Communications Technology (ICT)

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